On time, on budget and exceeding expectations

Unreal Films is an internationally recognised and multi-award-winning filmmaking company with 17 years of rock-solid experience producing a very wide range of top quality documentary films. 20130306_122117

We have the agility, versatility and capacity to meet the demands of documentary film productions of all sizes. Our extensive catalogue of over 200 films is a testament to the reliability of our team and our systems. We unconditionally guarantee to deliver within agreed time lines, to agreed quality standards, and within agreed budget. And we have successfully done so consistently, often under high pressure, always with highly visibile outcomes, for some of the most demanding clients in the world.

The Unreal style

Our film style is this: documentaries that create simulated experience, and prove the truth. In other words, it’s the next best thing to actually doing it yourself. Coupled with high integrity and a great belief in the power of real human stories, our films are distinctive, honest, emotionally powerful, fun when its appropriate, and always highly effective20130306_063739 less

The process is driven by the audience – we don’t start with preconceptions about what will work. Instead, we do research using many strategies including focus groups, enabling us to find out exactly what will work to reach the widest audience and move them the most. This is a process you share and may find lasting value in, beyond the film itself; surprises are guaranteed, but its always an interesting and rewarding journey. And before a camera is picked up, you and all your senior stakeholders will be walked through our research recommendations, expressed in simple business language anyone can access, to create solid comfort and understanding. We have found that building a solid authorising environment for a film in this way is a superb investment that keeps everything on target, and all stakeholders heard and on-board.

Right where you need us

We have clients right now across five timezones. Because we have absolutely had to, Unreal Films has developed outstanding technology for working effectively wherever you are, and wherever the story is happening. We can link our remote camera crews AND our edit suites LIVE to your boardroom; anytime, from anywhere. Collaborating with us doesn’t even require a taxi ride; we come to you, and so does the entire filmmaking process.

khgsjWe very carefully and constantly review our processes to make sure your time is valued, and made best use of at all times; but you can be absolutely as involved as you’d like to be, right through the process.