First Facebook film for indigenous voters goes live

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First Facebook film for indigenous voters goes live

Our first Facebook-distributed film for the AEC’s ‘Our Vote, Our Future’ campaign went live last week. It features the very lovely Gail Smiler speaking about the place of voting in her life and community. This interview was shot during  remote polling for Western Australia’s State Election last year.

Remote polling has just started for the Australian election, and these films are designed to support the Indigenous Electoral Participation Program. The concept is that the AEC’s growing Our Vote Our Future facebook community, which is weighted towards urban indigenous youth, can be engaged and influenced by a range of indigenous voices, including from “aunties and uncles” in remote communities, which they still feel a connection and affiliation to.

It was interesting to note that, though a lot of talk around indigenous issues focuses on unique circumstances and needs, the overwhelmingly dominant response when we asked people why they wanted to participate in voting was because we are Australians… just like everybody else.

This film is the first in a series of four, each around 90 seconds long. This is our first time working in an entirely indigenous Australian cultural context, though we have been able to draw usefully from our extensive experience working alongside Maori people and communities in New Zealand.