Just Deserts

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Just Deserts

Morning all, gidday from the Far Northern Queensland desert, where I’m filming the beginnings of federal Remote Polling for the AEC.

Its been a pretty remarkable experience, and SO beautiful. The communities here have their problems for sure, but produce some remarkable people. I’ve been privileged to work alongside some of these from the AEC’s IEPP team, and to meet and interview many more as we’ve travelled.   And we definitely have travelled… In the last 72 hours I’ve done over 1000km by road (most yesterday) and over 5000km by air.

The tasty sunrise shot I was getting from the GoPro camera attached to the bonnet of our 4×4 was awesome too… till it made an escape bid!    Might’ve been OK except for the Road Train that was tailgating us across the desert. Sigh.  Mind you, like a champ the camera was still running when I found it…. Definitely looking forward to seeing that shot!     Working on so many aspects of this federal election has been a long but tremendously rewarding journey. We’ve done some work I am really proud of, and I reckon I’ve learned a few new tricks along the way too (maybe not such an old dog afterall)… AND I got the t-shirt!


I’d like to wish the AEC the absolute best for this election; I’ve seen the extraordinary hard work that’s gone into it, and a turbulence-free election process is absolutely earned. As we say in NZ, kia kaha!


PS: 10,000km flown, 1,000km driven in 100 hours… phew!