03 254 Polling Place TraintiUnreal Films has been a continuous preferred supplier to the New Zealand Electoral Commission since before 2005, the Victorian Electoral Commission since 2007, and has been working with the Western Australian Electoral Commission and the Australian Electoral Commission since 2012. The main issues we have been entrusted to solve have been:

  1. Frontline and senior electoral official training, with an emphasis on practical problem-solving and modernising organisational culture
  2. Outreach to engage voters in traditionally low participation communities, including youth, Indigenous Australians, deaf and BLV.
  3. Super-accessible explanations for the general voting public of electoral systems and processes

We’ve now made more than 40 election films over nine electoral cycles in four different electoral systems. We are aware of no other producer anywhere with comparable specialisation or depth of experience in the sector. In addition, Unreal Films has made more than 200 films for other organisations, mainly national-level government agencies.

Additionally, we have deep history in the broader public service environment. We have specialised in building practical tools to strengthen community engagement, organisational

culture, ethics and integrity. Unreal Films offers you 17 years of rock-solid experience producing films for government agencies. We believe that our catalogue of completed projects is the strongest demonstration possible of our consistent ability to deliver excellent films within agreed time lines, to agreed quality standards, and within budget.

Beehive Building  Parliament House  wam2 photo Public DomainUnreal Films provides this expertise on a smart and fixed budget. We understand the importance of fiscal prudence to our government agency clients, and have worked very hard to ensure that our own work processes create absolute maximum bang for each dollar you spend, and that working with us is as efficient as it can be for your busy team.

And, uniquely in the industry, our simple and cast-iron satisfaction guarantee – it’s not finished until

you are 100% satisfied – takes the risk out of commissioning movies. Above all, Unreal Films understands that a film that arrives too late to use is worse than no film at all. We know that election-driven deadlines are completely fixed, utterly imperative and unequivocally to be met.

We know of no other film company in the world with comparable experience in the field of democracy outreach and election management. The continually-evolving techniques that Unreal Films has developed for producing election training films have worked successfully for many years in Australia and New Zealand. We can as a result offer you a considerable existing depth of understanding about many election training issues and communications needs, and offer benchmarking knowledge from across the Australasian electoral sector.

But we recognise that every situation is different, and we have no cookie-cutter… your film will be designed from the ground up to work for your needs, your environment, and your audience.254 blog back