By using the most advanced high-definition filming, Unreal Films is prepared for the future. Though HD still isn’t in widespread use for distribution, its approaching fast – so your film will still look good in years to come, whether it’s streaming from Youtube or broadcast to an HD TV. Everything is digital too, which makes copying the footage a simple process. That means easy distribution to your audience, straight-forward backing up of all material, and the security of knowing there’s never just one copy of the work.

Unreal Films archives everything we make, and ALL the footage we shoot, on the highest-quality LTO archiving media, stored in secure media safes for permanent availability perpetually. Clients can always call us if more copies are needed, or if new uses for existing material become apparent over time. Social media continues to create many new opportunities to use existing footage in new ways and with new audiences, and we are excited to be working with our clients now on squeezing the best possible value from these opportunities.