With over 16 years of experience producing films, at Unreal Films we have a wealth of knowledge and a massive arsenal of top-end gear. We use the latest high-definition broadcast equipment, including Sony Varicam cameras and AVID and ProTools software for editing. We choose these items because they are the tools of choice for the expert television and feature film editors that work with us. To get the best editors in the country, with the most international and high-calibre

experience, we need to have the right equipment.
Because we own all our own gear, and do everything in-house (including small-scale DVD manufacturing), we own everything we need to produce all types of films. Also, owning our gear makes it quick and easy for us to shoot changes and reshoot technical pick-ups if necessary. Because our equipment is top industry standard we can easily hire replacement gear if there ever is a problem, at no extra cost to you, and with no disruption to your project.