Welcome to “DemocracyTV”

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Welcome to “DemocracyTV”

Gidday, and welcome to DemocracyTV, my new blog and newsletter. I’m planning to use this to let you know from time to time about what me and the rest of the Unreal Films team are up to in our work supporting electoral commissions to do your exceptionally important work.

I hope you will find this relevant and interesting, and I’ll certainly keep it a light, occasional and quick read. While every commission is different, many common themes and challenges pop up. I hope we can play some small role in helping to propagate the good ideas and best practice I often come across in my pretty extensive travels (30,000km last month…phew!).

So, please browse and enjoy the stories below, which I’ve been writing over the last few weeks in the increasingly frenetic buildup to this Saturday’s Federal Election. Let me know if you have any ideas how we can do better. There is an “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of the newsletter if its not for you… conversely, if you’re reading this on the website and would like to sign up for the newsletter, please do that here:


Thanks all… see you again soon!

Tony Sutorius
Unreal Films